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* Due to rounding, annual premiums may be higher or lower than actual premiums by a few cents.
** Life for Life is not available in the following states: AK, NY, UT. For life insurance products in those states, call 800-635-7801, or email
If you seek more than $2,000,000 in coverage, or a term other than 10 or 20 years, call 800-635-7801 or email
If you seek <$100,000 in coverage, call 800-635-7801 or email for other options.
The rates determined by the calculator do not constitute any agreement or contract with the parties listed or involved, nor are the calculators guaranteed. The calculator is intended to provide a quick estimate of rates. You are the best judge of your financial situation and life insurance needs.
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Your premium class is most likely Preferred Plus or Preferred (both for nonsmokers), or Preferred Smoker or Standard Smoker, depending on the underwriting requirements you meet. Other premiums are available for nonsmokers who meet requirements between Preferred and Preferred Smoker. Your premium is based on your age, gender, and health when coverage begins, and it increases as you enter each new five-year age bracket.

Premiums shown are current as of 11/2014. Nonsmoker. You qualify as a nonsmoker if you have not used tobacco or nicotine in the last five years. Montana residents. Male premiums apply to males and females. Premium changes. MetLife may change premiums, but only for everyone of the same age, gender, and premium class. Amounts of insurance are available from $100,000 to $2 million in $1,000 increments, and can double over 10 years through Automatic Benefit Increases, subject to the plan maximum of $2 million.

For premium quotes for other insurance amounts, visit or call 800-635-7801 Weekdays 8:30am—6:00pm ET.

This summary of Life for Life highlights its major features. Complete terms are governed by the group policy, issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166 to Collegiate Alumni Trust II. Details of policy provisions are in the Certificate provided to each person.


If you need a quote or an application or simply have questions, call 800-635-7801, or email Trained customer service representatives will be happy to provide the information you need. And naturally you’ll be under no obligation.
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